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240v in the US household and what's the best 240V solar generator.

USA is one of the countries in the world that are known to have a 110v (120v now) default power outlet. While that is true, a typical American home has a number 240v outlets available around the house for heavy duty appliances that require higher voltage. Backup power system companies such as Natures Generator realized the situation and incorporated it in their products to ensure that users can still power up their 240v appliances even when they are off the grid.
110v and 220v - An Overview

110v is the default power current in the United States, all thanks to Thomas Edison who used a 110v DC power supply way back in the 1880s to create an effective system of electricity for the American household. It was also Edison who came up with the 220v system a little later after 110v through his patented three-wire distribution system that connected two 110v conductors with a neutral conductor.

While both 110v and 220v generate power, the similarities stop there. 110v works best on 3-prong plus while 220v comes in either 3-prong or 4-prong plugs. 110v outlets are used for TVs, radios and other household appliances with low power requirements. On the other hand, 220v outlets were made for high-powered machines such as dryers and ovens. Lastly, 110v can carry lower current and 220v has higher carrying capacity.

Nowadays, 110v and 220v have been raised and referred to as 120v and 240v respectively by the US electrical industry as the standard although in terms of usage, they are the same. 110v appliances can run in 120v sockets and 220v machines can be plugged into 240v. Since 120v is the default outlet in the country, let us dive a little deeper on the 240v settings in this article to understand it better in the US settings.
240v in the US Household - Common Appliances that Work in 240v

A typical American household may not have a lot of 240v power sockets installed in it but one will be surprised if he will take a moment to check just how many things are being plugged into 240v sockets in the house.

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
It should not come as a surprise if a huge chunk of the energy consumption of an average home is from the HVAC system. No matter what season it may be, the HVAC system is turned on to keep one’s humble abode comfortable to live in and just imagine how much energy is required to keep the entire place in the right temperature.
  • Electric Dryers
Almost every part of an electric dryer requires high energy for it to function so with everything combined, just imagine how much energy is needed to dry your clothes, blankets and so on. The amount of energy this home appliance requires also demands a higher volt connection, 240v to be exact.
  • Water Heaters
While there are still homes and businesses that use a lower volt connection for their water heaters (the water heater system is most likely connected to a gas connection) a lot of modern water heaters nowadays use 240v in order to heat water fast and constantly available when being used.
  • Electric Cars

Electric cars require high electrical capacity so it simply follows that it needs to be charged in a 240v outlet. This type of vehicle is growing in popularity these days which means the need for a 240v outlet at home has become even more important and more in demand.
Dual-Voltage Backup Generators

Since the majority of 240v appliances, machines and tools at home are considered essentials, it is crucial that they stay turned on during unplanned power outages or extended blackouts especially when natural disasters like hurricanes strike. Not just for the comfort and safety of everyone at home but also to keep yourselves updated, connected and aware of what’s happening in your area.

Nowadays, there are a lot of backup power systems available in the market but not all of them are designed to power up 240v appliances. Make sure that you choose the right option if what you are looking for is a whole house generator that offers both 120v and 240v outlets.

Nature’s Generator Powerhouse is an example of a whole house generator that can handle both voltage requirements. Read below to know more of its features and see if it is the right system for your backup power source needs.

Nature’s Generator Powerhouse Systems

Just from the name itself, you can already say that this Nature’s Generator variant is loaded and for heavy duty use. This self-sustainable behemoth takes the cake when it comes to awesome features and great capabilities.
With a maximum power output of 240V/7200W split phase, Powerhouse can power almost all kinds of appliances and electronic devices in a typical household during a power outage.

  • Dual-Voltage for the Win
Its dual-volt feature, meaning it is both 120V and 240V compatible, makes it a breeze to hook just about anything you’d like to power at home.  This also means that power heavy appliances such as air conditioner, water pump and heater will continue to work if you plug them into this particular solar power system.
  • Expandability - The Key to the Perfect Power Solutions for Your Home

The ability to expand your power system is something that Nature’s Generator takes seriously. This is because they understand that as time goes by, the power requirements at home may change so they decided to provide the option to add new parts to the Powerhouse generator and level up its energy capacity.

Solar panels, wind turbines, power pods, transfer switches and security camera systems are just some of the add-ons you can install in your Powerhouse system to make it compatible with your current home power requirements. And if in the future you’d like to upgrade your Powerhouse system again, by all means, feel free to do so because the ability to expand it further is endless.

  • Bigger Battery Capacity

There is no such thing as more than enough battery when dealing with power outages or worse, blackouts, especially during times of calamity where no one can tell when the power will get restored.

With Nature’s Generator Powerhouse 4800Wh battery capacity, you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of juice after just a short period of time. Charging it will be a breeze and hassle-free too. No need for gas station trips. Let the solar panels and the wind turbine of your Nature’s Generator Powerhouse unit do the job for you at the comfort of your home.

Really impressed with what you learned about Nature’s Generator Powerhouse but still has a few questions in your mind? Ask us and we’ll answer all of them for you.
Final Thoughts

US homes are wired for both 120v and 240v use. 110v (120v now) became the standard in the country more than a couple of millennia ago and it’s too much of a hassle to overhaul the system and convert everything to 240v. With that being said, the need for 240v outlets in the American household these days is mandatory simply because there are heavy duty appliances, machines and power tools that require higher voltage capacity.

The good news is that American houses are equipped with both 120v and 240v plugs. And to make things better, backup power systems such as Nature’s Generator Powerhouse did their homework and made sure that they can address your power needs, may it be for a 120v appliance or a 240v heavy duty power tools, when the grid shuts down for whatever reasons.


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