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Are Solar Panels Worth It in Florida?

Harnessing the Power of the Sun in the Sunshine State!
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Thanks to the above average number of sunny days that Florida, the Sunshine State, gets to enjoy in a year, the state is also a perfect place to harness and take advantage of solar power. The use of solar panels as an alternative power source especially during the hurricane season has become increasingly popular in this part of the country especially the off-grid type in preparation for possible long power outages.

Florida: The Sunshine State

It was sometime in the 1970s that Florida was officially declared as The Sunshine State. It shouldn’t come as a surprise because this panhandle receives more than the average sunlight in a year with 237 sunny days, well above the national average of 205 sunny days. 

This abundance in sunlight plus the warm beaches, beautiful landscapes and cool theme parks attract a lot of people to come and visit the Sunshine State. 

However, sunshiny and warm as the state may seem, Florida is also known as the most hurricane-battered state in the country.

Of Hurricanes and Other Natural Disasters

Hurricane is the first word that comes to mind of a lot of people the moment they hear the word Florida. Well, that and gators among other things. This state is the most hurricane-ravaged in the entire country because of its unique geographical make up. It was recorded that more than 40% of the hurricanes that hit the US soil throughout the years have made some kind of landfall in Florida.

Apart from hurricanes, the Sunshine State has to deal with other kinds of natural disasters that bring catastrophic destruction to people, wildlife, nature and properties. Aside from damage to property and possible injuries, it is the long power outages that last for weeks that is one of the biggest challenges Floridians face year after year in their beloved state.

Power Challenges in Florida

Since the panhandle is known to be prone to different kinds of natural calamities, rampant power failures and even blackouts are expected to happen especially when the category of the hurricane or tropical storm is raised to the highest level.

Just last September 28-29, Hurricane Ian left roughly 2.7 million residents without power. While the government and the electric companies worked hard day in and day out to restore power lines as soon as possible, the destruction caused by the long term power outage was as damaging (or even worse to some) as the hurricane itself.

Disaster Preparedness - When In Florida

There is no such thing as over preparedness but there is something called under prepared. In times of emergency or once disaster strikes, it is crucial to stay calm but at the same time alert and ready to take on the challenge that lies ahead while you wait for help to come.

For example, during hurricane season in Florida, residents understand the importance of being prepared. Below is a checklist of what you should have in your basic disaster supplies kit.

  • Emergency/Disaster First Aid Kit - Every home should have an emergency kit that they can easily access and bring with them once emergency or disaster strikes. An emergency kit can contain as many items as the owners want but the most basic one should include the following: flashlight, whistle, common-first aid medicines, bandages, gauze,

  • Food - It is always wise to stock up on food items that do not expire easily such as canned goods or ready to eat meals. Ensure that you have enough supply for several days of non-perishable food.

  • Water - People can survive without food for days but not without water. Ideally, each person should have one gallon per day for several days.

  • Transportation - It wouldn’t help to have a last minute checkup of your vehicle before a hurricane hits just to make sure all is functioning as they should be just in case there’s a need for you to evacuate. Ensure that your fuel tank is full and if budget permits, having several gallons of spare fuel wouldn’t hurt too.

  • Backup Power Source - The moment a natural calamity hits such as a hurricane, the very first thing that goes down is the power line. Imagine if this happens in the dead of the night, it can be very scary and dangerous since it’s hard to assess what’s really happening outside due to lack of visibility or communication. Having a reliable backup power source such as a solar powered generator is what will give you the peace of mind and convenience you need at times like this.

Solar Power Generator to the Rescue

As years go by, natural disasters just keep growing stronger and more destructive. Hurricanes and tropical storms hit Florida each year and along with those are blackouts that may last for days or even weeks. Good news is that solar generators are becoming increasingly popular in this area in terms of backup power source, more particularly, the off-grid type of solar generator, because it is this type of solar power system that works during power failure.

According to a research done by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in January 2016, Florida was estimated to have ample solar-power capacity to address 46.5% of its retail electricity sales. What better way to take advantage of the Sunshine State than to harness its sun energy and use it as an alternative source of power for your home.

One of the most trusted brands of solar power generators out there in the market nowadays is Nature’s Generator. They provide off-grid and portable solar generators

Keep reading if you’d like to know more about the different solar generator options for you from Nature’s Generator. Oh, and before you dive into the specs, let me tell you now that all their products are expandable and upgradable. Talk about value for the money.

  • Nature’s Generator Gold System

    • Portable off-grid solar generator
    • A reliable companion during power outages or even when you’re going camping
    • 3 AC outlets - up to 1800-W of AC power; 2 USB ports - up to 3 Amp / 15-W output
    • One 100W solar panel
    • 90-Watt built-in quick charge battery charger
    • Solar (200-W) and Wind (300-W) charging capabilities
    • Integrated uninterrupted power supply (UPS) function
    • Power expansion port available
    • Estimated charging time: 10 - 15 hrs
    • 50 foot long cable
    • LCD display showing system information
    • Comes with a universal heavy duty cart for easy transfer
  • Nature’s Generator Elite System

    • Same portability as the Nature’s Generator Gold variant but double the juice.
    • 3 AC outlets - up to 3600-W of AC power; 2 USB ports - up to 3 Amp / 15-W output
    • Two 100W solar panels
    • 190-Watt built-in quick charge battery charger
    • Solar (300-W) and Wind (300-W) charging capabilities
    • Integrated uninterrupted power supply (UPS) function
    • Power expansion port available
    • Estimated charging time: 8-12 hrs
    • 50 foot long cable
    • LCD display and comes with a heavy duty cart for easy transfer
  • Nature’s Generator Powerhouse

    • With a whopping 7200W power capacity, this off-grid solar powered generator can
    • Nature’s Generator Powerhouse comes with a maximum power output of 240V/7200-W
    • 3 AC outlets - 2 outlets that can handle up to 3600-W of AC power & 1 outlet that can handle up to 7200-W
    • 5 USB ports (Type A & Type C compatible) - 5V, up to 3 Amp / 15-W output
    • Solar (2000-W) and Wind (1000-W) charging capabilities
    • Can accommodate both 120 Volts and 240 Volts appliances
    • Highly Expandable: solar panels, wind turbines, power pods, transfer switch, security camera system, and more.

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Final Thoughts

Investing on solar panels in Florida is definitely worth it. The state produces an ample amount of sun energy every year - it’s free, clean, renewable and environment friendly - so might as well use it to your own advantage. And more importantly, the region is prone to natural disasters that affect the utility grid. Having a reliable backup off-grid solar power system will save you from the darkness, literally and figuratively, the moment a hurricane hits and the power shuts down.


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