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Best Home Wind Turbine

The perfect solar energy buddy. Nature's Generator home wind turbines are the perfect partners for solar panels as wind is readily available, whether day or night!

Solar-powered generators are the usual go-to answer when the idea of building a sustainable and green home comes to mind. It’s because the Sun is ever present, leaving wind energy in second place.

People would often forget how the wind is another form of renewable energy that can work hand-in-hand with solar panels in lessening electric bill expenses.

That’s why in this article, let’s spotlight wind turbines and explain what makes the best home wind turbine and how wind turbine is the perfect partner solar energy could ever have.

How it Works and What Makes it a Perfect Partner to Solar Energy

In principle, through the help of a generator, a wind turbine takes the kinetic energy produced by the wind and turns it into mechanical energy.

A plane’s propellers and a fan's blades need electricity in order for them to work. It is the other way around for wind turbines which uses wind for their blades to spin. This movement then turns the shaft around. In turn, the generator converts into electricity.

We know that there are days when both sources of energy aren’t available. But unlike the Sun, which only comes out during the day wind can work at any time. Thus, giving solar panels the perfect backup power system when the Sun refuses to shine.

In the U.S. for example, wind speeds are likely to be low during summer and high during winter.

Home Wind Turbines and Factors to Keeps in Mind

A single-family home typically needs 5,000 to 24,000 watts to meet its demand.
That’s why you don’t need to have your own wind farm to experience what wind energy can offer. There are available residential wind turbine options you can choose from.

Remember that having your own home wind energy system is a long-term commitment. So, it is best to take everything into consideration when deciding if you’re going to use such wind turbines and which system to buy.

Some of the things to consider are how much is your area’s annual average wind speed, the location where you’ll put it, and the general climate of the area.
Another thing to consider is the blades. They come in varying numbers with three being the standard. Two is less energy-efficient as it needs to compensate by rotating faster. Meanwhile, a five-blade turbine performs better in areas with poor wind conditions.
Another important factor to consider is budget. It can be expensive to install one, and can range from several hundred to thousand dollars. And, the amount you save on your electric bill depends on the type and capacity of wind turbine you’ve installed.

Lastly, be sure to check in with your local homeowner’s association and local authorities to see if there’s any conflict (i.e. height restrictions) that may arise when putting up your own wind turbine.

The last thing you want is to have to tear down your turbine after installing it due to complaints.

Anatomy of a Simple, Effective and Powerful Wind Turbine

There are a ton of wind turbines to choose from online. But before we dive into them, let’s take a look at something simple yet effective in providing energy: Nature’s Generator Wind Turbine.

It has five blades which are made from fiberglass nylon composite. The main body is cast aluminum alloy, which has a powder coating. It also has a 100ft long cable and a controller box and 5 blades with safe red tips. 

It is a complete electrical system to help in recharging your generator. The box has a built-in system that protects from over current and over voltage.

Its kit also includes the following: a hub, a nose cone, and an accessory bag (M6 bolts and washers, rubber pad, hex keys, and ground bag).

While you can use other brands of generator, for best results, pair this up with Nature’s generator systems or Nature's Generator Elite systems to ensure full compatibility.

A step up of Nature's Generator Wind Turbine is Nature's Generator Powerhouse Wind Turbine, which has the similar setup but works for more powerful Nature's Generator Powerhouse systems

What are the Things to Consider During Installation

Most turbine kits are easy to install but one’s safety is important so here are a few reminders to keep in mind for a successful and accident-free mounting: 

  • Read the manual. When in doubt. Stop. Then, read the manual.
  • Check the item’s warranty.
  • Prepare and wear safety gear. 
  • Don’t be in a hurry to install your turbine. If the weather is bad then wait for things to calm down before starting work. 
  • Handle the blades with care as they are quite sharp. 
  • The height: twenty feet to thirty feet is the minimum recommended height of the tower. 
  • Avoid placing it near any obstructions to avoid turbulence , which affects the efficiency of your turbine and accelerates its wear and tear.
  • Make sure the body has been mounted on the tower before assembling the blades.
  • Be careful when connecting your turbine to a generator because it generates electricity.
  • If you see any damage on any of your turbine parts during installation stop. Don’t try and repair the broken item. It is best to contact your local seller to ensure that you get the right replacement part. 

Benefits of Having Your Own Home Wind Turbine

Besides helping reduce your electricity bill, wind energy is a great alternate source as you don’t abuse the usage of natural resources or destroy anything just to provide energy. 
It can be installed by anyone and can be safely done. All parts needed to put up the turbine are provided for within the kits bought. 
And, unlike industrial wind turbines, home turbines are relatively small thus, causing minimal damage (if any). But like they say, it is important to be vigilant and take necessary precautions to avoid such unnecessary incidents. 
A couple of drawbacks to watch out for are cheaper low quality wind turbines and shorter lifespans.   

  • Not all wind turbines are created equal.
It is easy to come across cheap wind turbines online. Don’t be tempted to buy them just to save money. It’s best to spend and invest money on something long-lasting. 
You may get it cheap now, but time will tell just how much you’re going to waste just to maintain it or worst, for it to break down immediately. Leaving you having to buy another set of wind turbines. 
  • Lifespan
Unlike their counterpart, solar panels have a longer lifespan than them. To ensure your return of investment, proper maintenance and care should be provided regularly. The maintenance checklist includes: 
    • Is there any superficial damage on the blades? What about the nose cone? Replace if there are any.
    • Are the nuts and bolts loose? Tighten them.
    • Is there any build-up of dirt on the blades? Wipe them clean.
If you are at the end of your turbine’s lifespan, you may reach out to your local authorities or seller to determine if there’s a proper way to dispose of your turbine and its parts. 
But if you don’t have any clue where to start it is best to reach out to the experts so they can guide you from choosing the best type of wind turbine to assisting you when putting it up on your home.
Key Considerations
  • Location is key for most of these. But it is best to reiterate its importance of it. 
  • Most wind turbines can withstand wind speeds between 90-110 mph. But if you leave in a windy area, make sure that you take a good look at its ‘survival wind speed’ or how much wind speed it can take when buying. 
  • It is not ideal to build a home wind turbine if you live in an area that’s regularly visited by tornadoes and hurricanes. 
  • If you live near a body of water, check how the turbines you’ve bought are made. Are they coated with anti-corrosion materials? Have they been galvanized to resist water damage and rust? 
  • Don’t go anywhere near the wind turbine during operations.


Wind energy is a great source of renewable energy that works well alongside solar panels to gain energy independence away from power grids. 
Not only are you able to help Mother Earth heal in your small way, but you’re also working to before cost-efficient when it comes to your electric bills. 
It’s all just a matter of finding what suits your needs and checking out all the boxes and dots to fully experience the benefits of having your wind turbine at home.

  * We want to give credit where credit is due. Professional writer, Ann Carisse Ilao, contributed research and content to this blog titled: Best Home Wind Turbine Thank you, Ann, for your contributions!