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Best Solar Generator for Home Backup

What you need to know before you make the purchase!
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Why do you need a generator for home backup?

Just like the air that we breathe, electricity is one thing we often fail to appreciate even if it is an essential part of our daily lives. Why? Because it is always here when we need it - until it’s not. 

Problems caused by power blackouts range from trivial ones like not being able to watch your favorite shows or check on your social media, to more serious ones like massive food spoilage, HVAC control and a sharp decrease in your overall productivity, to mention a few.
Natural disasters like hurricanes, forest fires, snow storms and other causes of power outages are more often than not, unforeseen and unfortunately, unavoidable. However, we do not need to feel helpless when these trying times come - the key is preparedness.
Generators are one of the best inventions that came about in this era that is being run by electrical power. Having one is winning more than half the battle that you need to face in the absence of our usual power supply.
What are the different types of generators?
The forefathers of generators started way back in the 1830’s, and after a little less than two centuries later, this evolved into much more sophisticated, complex hence efficient types.
Here are the popular choices for home backup generators (and their major pros and cons)

Home Standby Generator 
  • Convenience - automatically turns on during power outages
  • Capacity - can power the entire home
  • Endurance - heavy duty, can last a long time
  • Price - expensive
  • Occupies a big space and cannot be moved
  • High maintenance
  • Could be noisy (depending on mechanism used)
Portable Generators 
  • Portability and size 
  • Price - on the cheaper side
  • Can power small but important appliances 
  • Most variants are noisy
  • Limited power supply
  • Does not automatically turn on during power outages
  • Should be put outdoors
Inverter Generator
  • Quiet
  • Best type for cell phones, laptops and other electronics
  • Portable
  • Low maintenance
  • Very limited power supply
  • More expensive than the conventional portable generator
Solar Generators
  • No harmful emissions
  • Very quiet
  • Can be be used and stored indoors
  • No need to buy fuel, you just need the sun (which is basically free)
  • Low maintenance
  • Lower power output
  • Could be expensive
  • Needs a lot of sun
What type should you buy?
There are so many variants available in the market, each having their own selling points. So, how would you know which type to buy?
It all boils down to two important factors: your needs and your resources.
Let’s talk about your needs, to make this simple you just need to answer this: What are the appliances, devices, utilities that you absolutely cannot live a day without? Do you want to power 240V appliances? 
As for the resources, there are few important ones to take into account.
  1. Money - needless to say, the budget should be considered - for most types, the expense does not end with buying the generator, there will be future additional expenses such as the power source (ex: gasoline, diesel, propane), maintenance and repairs, etc.
  2. Space - is there enough room in the yard to have a standby generator installed? Is there a space to safely store a portable generator?
  3. Time and Effort - from setup to usage to maintenance and repair, these are most likely to be required of you.
  4. Power source - is it sunny enough in your area to be able to harness enough solar energy? Are fuels readily available in case you run out?

What might hold you back?
While each kind mentioned above has their own redeeming features, they also have their own share of downsides. Making it a challenge to find an option where your needs and your resources align perfectly.
But we are lucky as now is a great time to be alive because modern technology allows the human race to continuously develop products that consolidate the best parts of things whilst reducing the drawbacks as much as possible. 
Nature’s Generator solar generators are the best examples of these. Remember all the pros of solar generators written above? Nature’s Generators tick all these boxes and more. How about the cons? Actually, you can forget about these cons because they are not applicable here. 
These solar generators’ affordability (industry leading value), efficiency (output power of at least 1800W at the very least) and versatility (3 ways to charge - solar panels, wind turbines or electric outlet) will make it easier for you to decide which generator is the best backup for your home. 
So… which is the best backup for your home?
With a wide range of products from Nature's Generator, it will be almost impossible not to find one that will suit your needs and match your available resources:
Nature’s Generator Systems 

With a maximum output power of 1800W, is the best option for those who simply want to get through a sudden power interruption. It can power up basic household appliances and devices for hours.  
Nature’s Generator Elite Systems

This is perfect for longer power outages and if you have more powerful appliances. This doubles the capacity of the Gold System at  the same charge providing 3600W maximum output.
Nature’s Generator Powerhouse Systems 

The most powerful of them all, the 120V or 240V 7200W power output makes it possible to keep multiple household items running for longer periods of time.
The options do not end here, because on top of the generators, there are available accessories that make them more convenient and more efficient. The best part is these are stackable and have infinite expandability - you can keep expanding as much as you need, as much as you want. The possibilities are limitless.


In these times where uncertainty is always lurking around, preparedness is power - literally.. Furthermore, solar generators are not only good back ups for power outages, they can also cut down your electric bills if you use them as your secondary source of electricity in your daily usage. Investing in a backup home generator now is one of the best ways to lessen your worries. 
Do you have more questions?

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