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How Much Does a Solar Generator Cost

Solar generators have become more accessible and less expensive thanks to technological advancement. There’s a solar generator for everyone, depending on their budget and need.
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Solar generators have become more accessible in recent years because of technological advancement and have become a viable option for many who are always on the go on their RV, for those who want to have a solution to saving more money on their electric bill, and for those who seek to have a sustainable lifestyle.

In this article, we’ll explore the characteristics of a good solar generator, how much they can cost and what you can expect for each price range.

The Makings of a Good Solar Generator For You

It is integral to check the following things when in search of a good solar generator for you and your needs.

Battery - This is an integral part of the solar generator, if not the most integral. Pick a battery that can cater to your needs. It can be a costly mistake if you decide to go the cheaper route. Avoid this by investing in the present by getting the right type and size of battery. They can either be lithium-ion (Li-ion) or lead acid.

Battery sizes can range between 1800W to 7200 W (or more). They are highly customizable depending on your power requirements. It is imperative that you have determined how you will use the generator. Will it be for outdoor activities or for household use?

  1. Recharge Time - Be sure to have an idea of how much time the solar generator is going to need to be fully charged. This is based on the generator’s charging speed and the solar panel’s power input. But charging time may also differ depending on the situation, such as weather conditions. If it’s too cloudy, it may take a while for the battery to recharge, especially if you’re using it while charging.

  2. Inverter - Outgrowing one’s old power requirement is but a natural occurrence, so having an upgradeable inverter is something to keep in mind. This avoids having to redo or overhaul your solar power system, just to accommodate an upgrade, thus saving money in the long run.

  3. Solar Panels - Without these panels, one wouldn’t be able to utilize the power of the sun.

    Be sure to get quality solar panels to ensure high power efficiency when it comes to storing and converting energy. Know more about solar panels by going over these articles on our website.

  4. Expandable Storage Capacity - It is good to have a generator that can be easily expanded when one outgrows their current power requirements. An example of this is Nature’s Generator Powerhouse, which can be customized according to your energy needs.

  5. Output - This is something that many forget to look at as there’s a tendency to focus more on the capacity. But it is important to check on how much energy it can push out. Charging a gadget that requires 120 watts on a 100-watt solar generator may cause irreparable damage on both ends.

    Also, there are appliances that require more power when starting up before they reach a stable energy when used. So, be sure to get a generator that can keep up with the initial power surge.

It is a tedious process. But by checking all these things, you can get your money’s worth in the long run. Just be patient and trust the process.

Nature's Generator Product Line
Solar Generator Price Breakdown

Price plays a big role when it comes to making a decision whether to purchase a solar generator or not. And how much a solar generator can cost depends on the size, brand, quality, and model. Here’s a price breakdown to see what type of solar generator one can get:

You can get small-sized solar generators at this price range. Their size makes them portable and easy to move around, perfect for those who are always on the go. They can power small appliances and gadgets. 
Nature’s Generator 1800W Elite and Lithium 1800 are portable solutions for those who want to live comfortably while on the road.

•$2,000 - $4,000
Generators under this price range have 1,800 to 3,000 watts and can power appliances and recharge gadgets multiple times than their lower-tiered counterparts.

•$7,000 and up

For those who require more power and have the budget, generators under this price range can power an entire house by having over 5,000 watts of power capacity.  

The Powerhouse can either be under this range or mid-tier, depending on its set-up. People can get their own Powerhouse system for as low as $2,549.99 and as high as $7,599.99.
You may contact Nature’s Generator here to determine what solar power system best fits your budget and energy needs.

In addition to the cost of purchasing the solar power system, keep in mind the additional cost of installing and shipping it. The ship can cost at least $500 or more, while the installation can go between $15,000 to $22,500, according to Market Watch.

Be sure to look at the federal and local laws on solar tax credits to help you financially. People can get paid between $10,500 to $15,750 through the 30% federal solar tax credit. 

It is estimated that solar generator owners can recover their expenses in 8.5 years, and the lifetime value of saving is about $25,250.

Are Solar Generators Worth It?

Solar generators are worth every dime in the long run. That is why it is a must that you shouldn't rush into things because it can either lead to irreparable damage, a costly mistake, or both.

Remember to take your time during the research stage.

There are a ton of resources at your disposal online. Use them to your advantage. Reach out to local experts or companies to know more information. There’s no harm in asking questions. In fact, there’s more harm if you don’t ask questions.

A well-informed mind leads to better decision-making and more savings over time.

The return on investment will be more when you compare it to the cost of solar generator.



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