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LiFePO4 Eco-Intelligent Li

The Eco-Intelligent Li is the safest and smartest Lithium Iron Phosphate based battery technology that allows old lithium and lead acid battery systems to be combined to save consumers money.
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A few times in our lives we experience game-changing technological leaps forward. Sometimes we hardly notice when it’s happening – it’s only in retrospect that we see the cascading changes to our technology. The internet and its “information highway,” home PCs, laptops, cellphones, smartphones, tablets, the Cloud, DropBox, social media platforms, Alexis, AI, self-driving vehicles... One day you were using a beeper, a vinyl album, or a VHS tape and seemingly the next day you have a cell phone, an iPod, or you’re streaming a movie.

That said, Nature’s Generator wants to give you a head’s up -- the solar-powered-energy-storage game is about to change -- pay attention, this is a big one.

Eco-Intelligent Li

The Nature's Generator Eco-Intelligent Li is a smart lithium battery energy storage product specially developed for home solar-powered systems. Its core uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology and it’s equipped with an intelligent high-performance battery management system (BMS). 

This state-of-the-art Intelligent battery management system solves the problem of bias current and circulation in parallel system setup and supports the mix of old and new lithium batteries as well as ingeniously allowing a mix of lithium and lead acid battery systems. With its smart design, it can participate in intelligently shifting peak power consumption and increasing the system’s lifespan which, in turn, greatly improves the user’s return on investment.

The Eco-Intelligent Li is the safest and smartest Lithium Iron Phosphate based battery technology that allows old lithium and lead acid battery systems to be combined to save consumers money. It has an innovative high-performance boost and output control management system that helps protect and extend a system’s lifespan. This new Eco-Intelligent Lithium technology is so revolutionary it will set the standard for things to come.


Mission: Make Electricity Available and Affordable to All

Solar energy expert, Lawrence Zhou, who is the CEO of Nature’s Generator Inc, explains that “Nature’s Generator was founded to make electricity available and affordable to people everywhere. We know people work hard for their money and we work hard to keep our products affordable.” 

“We purposefully were not open to using Lithium batteries in our products until we could perfect a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery system that would be more affordable and safer than other Lithium products on the market. Now with the new Eco-Intelligent Lithium system, we are proud to help consumers do the right thing for the environment, with the right product, that we can offer them at the right price.” 

When we discovered that the cycle life of a LiFePO4 battery is over 4 times that of lithium-ion batteries, not to mention safer and more stable, with the additional ability to reach 100% depth of discharge -- which means users won’t have to fret about over-discharging their batteries -- we knew this was the lithium technology we could work with and improve into the Eco-Intelligent Li system.

Zhou continues, “With the intelligent battery management system, users can now expand their existing systems to get the best of both lithium iron phosphate and lead acid batteries. Our new Eco-Intelligent Li system was specifically designed so these two separate technologies can be compatible. This saves consumers a lot of money.”

Reduce Co2

Eco-Intelligent Li technology Offers Important Solutions for Climate-Change 

It cannot be understated in these climate-change times that effective and affordable solar-powered-generator storage will be paramount to expedite worldwide efforts to reduce global-warming greenhouse gases. 

Scientists have told us that we have a small window to make planet-saving changes. Using the free abundant energy from the sun is crucial to allow people to reduce their energy-use carbon footprint. Just having solar panels is not enough. To make home-solar-energy systems work off-grid, or even as whole-home backup systems when blackouts hit, people need the ability to store that energy for later use. That’s where this solar-powered-generator battery technology comes into play -- and that’s why the Nature’s Generator new Eco-Intelligent Li technology is a true game changer.

Nature’s Generator Saw the Current Problem...

Until now, the problem with battery management in lithium systems (regardless of whether the old and new batteries are mixed) was the discharge and charge of lithium batteries were inconsistent if connected in parallel -- which is the connection method often used in solar-powered home generator systems. 

Translation, this means is that these old systems will: 1.) Have poor safety performance; 2.) Have low energy density: 3.) Have a poor ability to achieve deep discharge; and 4.) Not adapt charging and discharging of other batteries when connected in parallel.

And Solved It

The Eco-Intelligent Li system provides the solution for the problem of the contradiction of energy consumption between lithium batteries. The battery management system of the Nature's Generator new product adaptively adjusts the discharge-current of old and new lithium batteries. Understand that the discharge-current of a new battery is large and the discharge-current of an old battery is small. The new system provides a current-sharing control strategy to ensure a common discharge of batteries.

Translation, this means that the Eco Intelligent Li system will: 1.) Support multi-module parallel connection; 2.) Furnish a two-way automatic adjustment of output power; 3.) Participate in intelligent peak shaving; 4.) Support lithium and lead-acid battery compatibility: 5.) Support the mixed use of old and new lithium batteries; 6.) Offer automatic matching of battery parameters to improve battery life and performance; and 7.) Allow for 100% utilization of battery capacity.

CEO of Nature’s Generator Inc. Underlines this “Industry First” Technology

Zhou, underlines why the new Eco-Intelligent Lithium technology is such an important industry first.

In general Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) is a newer type of battery that is increasingly acknowledged in all manufacturing industries for its cost-effective materials and structural stability with high temperatures, as well as its faster recharging, reduced weight, increased power output, and longer lifespan.

So, on top of these features that using a lithium iron phosphate battery core provides, our Eco Intelligent Li system has two important additional features: 

First, it can work with lead-acid batteries. Both Lithium and lead acid batteries have certain strengths. The new Eco-Intelligent Li system enables users to combine the strengths of Lithium Iron Phosphate technology with the strengths of Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) systems which are best for standby power backup, have great performance scores in colder weather, plus they have high power output and, importantly, a very affordable price.

Beyond that many users already have invested in SLA solar-powered-generator batteries for their lower-cost. The Eco-Intelligent Li is compatible with existing SLA battery systems, allowing users to take advantage of both lithium and lead acid batteries and save themselves money when upgrading existing systems.   

Second, it works with both old and new Eco-Intelligent Lithium batteries. This means users won’t need to replace their entire battery system in the future. In the past people were advised not to mix an old battery with a new battery because it would cause the new battery to die quickly – now our revolutionary Eco-Intelligent Lithium system enables users to swap or add whatever is needed, rather than having to replace their whole solar generator battery system. It’s a technological leap forward and will save users a lot of money.

So, the true cutting-edge beauty of Nature’s Generator revolutionary Eco-Intelligent Li is its advanced Battery Management System.  This intelligent battery management will protect and extend the useful life of both the lead acid and lithium iron phosphate batteries saving the users an enormous amount of money over the life of the product. 

And let’s face it, we all want to save money.”

Longer Lifecycle Saves Money

The Eco-Intelligent Li batteries have 4000 plus lifecycles – an impressive number – meaning its lifespan would be around 10 years which outperforms most products currently on the market.

On top of the Eco-Intelligent Li system’s longer lifespan, it also features excellent charging and discharging performance. The system’s impressive discharge and charge efficiency allows it to be continually discharged to 100% depth of discharge with no long-term effect. Additionally, the smart battery management system prevents the batteries from overcharging, also protecting battery life.

Lithium Iron Phosphate and Lead Acid Battery Compatibility 

The new Eco-Intelligent Li system enables users to combine the strengths of Lithium Iron Phosphate technology with the strengths of Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) systems which are best for standby power backup, have great performance scores in colder weather, plus they have high power output and, importantly, a very affordable price.

Stellar for Off-Grid Performance

The new Eco-Intelligent Li is the ultra-safe, high-performance battery for off-grid use. This innovative solar-powered-generator-energy storage system boasts a 4800 Wh capacity and an astounding 4000 lifecycles that can last up to 10-years. It sports a 2000W built-in solar input as well as a 1000W built-in wind Input. (It is noteworthy that Nature’s Generator is the only solar-powered-generator company that also offers wind turbine recharge in addition to solar recharge.)

Infinite Expandability

The Eco-Intelligent Li system, like other Nature’s Generator solar-power collection and storage systems is Infinitely expandability, meaning that you can expand your system to meet your specific energy needs by adding to your system as your home power needs increase.

Safety for Family and Home

With these myriads of features noted, perhaps the biggest advantage to the Eco-Intelligent Li system may be its safety. When you are introducing a solar-powered-generator system to your home, the safety of your family and property is all important. 

The Eco-Intelligent Li system offers high output and the safest Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology at its core. The manufacturing industry is currently using LiFePO4 to replace the old and lower safety Lithium-ion battery technology. It is now known that if a LiFePO4 battery is subjected to harsh temperatures or hazardous events -- like short-circuiting or, in the automobile industry, a crash -- it won’t start a fire or explode because they are incombustible. 

The Lithium Iron Phosphate core batteries in the Eco-Intelligent Li system perform well in high temperatures with minimal degradation and have exceptional thermal and chemical stability meaning that the battery stays cool in higher temperatures and because of this it’s extremely rare for LiFePO4 batteries to experience thermal runaway. Even if you puncture a LiFEPO4 battery it will not catch fire. 

Overall Environmental Safety

Improving on past performance is key to getting the planet and humanity back on a healthy track.  LiFePO4 batteries are eco-friendly: they’re rechargeable, non-toxic, and can be recycled – however, you won’t need to do that often due to their long lifespan.

And Still Nature’s Generator is still Protecting the Consumers’ Wallets

Although LiFePO4 batteries are less expensive than some of the other lithium batteries on the market, they are more expensive than SLA batteries. However, when you calculate in the LiFePO4’s longer lifespan the initial higher cost is balanced by its longer life – meaning that over time users get the “bang for the buck” that Nature’s Generator has consistently given consumers. 

Additionally, allowing users LiFePO4 and SLA battery compatibility increases user savings. You do not have to replace your old system -- you can simply add to it.

Eco-Intelligent Li

This Game Changing Technological Innovation Sets the Bar for the Future

To review, Nature’s Generator’s new Eco-Intelligent Li solar-powered-storage system offers these advantages: 1.) LiFePO4 and SLA battery compatibility; 2.) New and old battery compatibility 3.) Good energy density and a longer lifecycle; 4.) Stable chemical and thermal chemistry; 5.) No thermal runaway at high temperatures; 6.) Enhanced product safety; 7.) A truly impressive product lifespan; and 8.) Lower costs than other Lithium products.

The New Nature’s Generator Eco-Intelligent Li battery management system solves important problems. It extends battery life and supports the mix of old and new lithium batteries and a mix of Lithium and lead acid batteries.

This is a long-awaited and important game changer in the solar-powered-generator energy storage world. Now you can enjoy the lighter weight and increased 10-year lifespan of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries while still having the advantage of the higher power output and the high-low temperature performance of lead acid batteries -- including their more affordable price. 

You can get the best of both worlds because our new Eco-Intelligent Li Battery Management System gives you the option to use both technologies compatibly and simultaneously – offering you solutions to affordably extend and expand your solar-powered generator systems that never existed before. This is a game changer indeed