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Patriot Solar Generator VS Nature's Generator

Which is the best solar powered generator for the money?
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Good question -- let’s jump right in!  We’ll start by looking at the Patriot 1800 statistics.

Patriot 1800 Battery Capacity:

The name Patriot 1800 is a bit misleading because it turns out that this 4Patriot generator does not have a battery capacity of 1800 watt-hours but instead, according to its user manual, has only 960 watt-hours. Of these 960 watt-hours only 90% is usable -- meaning it has 768 watt-hours of battery capacity if it is powering a DC device. Since the 4Partiot generator runs on DC power, a user can get that 768 watt-hour capacity if they are running a DC device. However, if it’s used to power a device plugged in to its 120V AC outlets, then the Patriot 1800 consumes some power to convert the DC power to AC power resulting in a reduction of the 768 watt-hour capacity to 691 watt-hours.

Patriot 1800 Solar Input Max

The Patriot 1800 has a maximum Solar Input of 240 watts.

Is the Patriot 1800 system expandable?

No, the Patriot 1800 system is not expandable.  The Patriot 1800’s battery capacity running its 120V AC outlets is only 691 watt-hours. If you wanted to expand the Patriot 1800 battery capacity to keep your household electronics running longer -- you cannot do that.

Is the Patriot 1800 designed to be powered by free wind power as well as solar power?

No, the Patriot 1800 was not designed to run on the free renewable energy provided by the wind.

What is the cost of the Patriot 1800?

The Patriot 1800 costs $2497.00 and comes with one 100-watt solar panel.

Now let’s compare the above Patriot 1800 specifications to Nature’s Generator’s.

But first let’s answer the question: What is a Nature's Generator?

A Nature's Generator is a line of affordable solar-powered generators designed
to be used anywhere, anytime. Power is supplied by Power Panels (state-of-the-
art solar panels) and Wind Turbines working with the generator. Every Nature’s
Generator ensures a clean charge without sacrificing any power so it can run even your most sensitive electronic devices. With Nature’s Generators you can stay connected wherever life takes you.
Nature’s Generator’s affordable solar powered generator products include:
Nature's Generator 1800 Watt ($749 or with one 100-watt solar panel its cost is $999.)
Nature's Generator Elite 3600-watt ($999 or with two 100-wqtt solar panels cost is $1499.)
Nature's Generator Powerhouse 7200-watt ($2999)
Nature’s Generator gives you far more power for your money than the Patriot 1800.
For as close as we can get to an apple-to-apple comparison, the Nature’s Generator 1800-watt solar powered generator with one 100-watt solar panel would cost you $999.  When we compare that to the Patriot 1800 for $2497.00 -- it would mean you could buy an 1800-Watt solar-powered Nature’s Generator plus an additional one and a half more Nature’s Generators for the same cost as the $2497.00 Patriot. So, for your hard-earned dollar, the Nature’s Generator 1800-watt solar powered generator would be your best buy.
Plus, Nature’s Generators solar input and wind input are both expandable.
Nature's Generator 1800-Watt maximum solar input 200-Watt (expandable)
Nature's Generator 1800-Watt maximum wind input 300-Watt (expandable)
Nature's Generator Elite 3600-Watt maximum solar input 200Watt (expandable)
Nature's Generator Elite 3600-Watt maximum wind input 300-Watt (expandable)
Nature's Generator Powerhouse 7200-Watt maximum solar input 2000-Watt (expandable)
Nature's Generator Powerhouse 7200-Watt maximum wind input 1000-Watt (expandable)
All the above listed solar-powered Nature’s Generators are expandable so starting with any one of these three products you can get the correct amount of power you need to power your household without having to purchase more than power than you need.
All the above listed solar-powered Nature’s Generators were designed to also (simultaneously) be recharged by free wind power as well as the free renewable energy from the sun. We should note that you are not required to also use a Nature’s Generator wind turbine, but it does give you another system recharging option when the sun (or the grid) goes down.
Because the Nature’s Generator Powerhouse, priced at $2999, is only about $500 more than the Patriot 1800 at $2497 -- you might want to consider this 7200-Watt solar-powered generator. It was designed with the idea of powering a whole home. If you read the below Powerhouse information, we think you will be thoroughly impressed. While it is bigger and heavier than the portable Nature’s Generator 1800-Watt or the portable Nature’s Generator Elite 3600-Watt solar-powered generator the Powerhouse is mounted on industrial style wheels for easy mobility -- making weight less of factor. So, without further ado let’s take a close look at the Powerhouse solar-powered generator’s statistics.
Nature’s Generator’s newest product is the Powerhouse, the first whole-house solar-powered generator in our product line!
Just launched in August of 2022, the Nature’s Generator Powerhouse is the next innovation for a whole-home eco-power solution. With a maximum power output 120V or 240V/7200Watt, it can power almost anything. Powerhouse will provide all your power needs ANYWHERE and ANYTIME!
Nature’s Generator’s new Powerhouse, features:

  • Infinite Expandability
  • Pure Sine Wave (120 Volt and 240 Volt)
  • Max Output Capacity of 7200W
  • High Efficiency Solar Panel 2000W Solar Input (expandable) 
  • Wind Input 1000 Watt (expandable) 
  • Safety and Protection Module

Whether it is a 120 Volts or 240 Volts the Powerhouse has you covered!

Nature's Generators' Powerhouse can single-handedly address all your home power requirements because of its split phase 240V/7200W or single phase 120V/7200W (combining Line 1 and Line 2) pure sine wave inverter!
240V 7200W Pure Sine Wave

Nature's Generator knows the extreme importance of 240V in every home. The Powerhouse can now bring the power to your 240V electrical devices like a water pump, air conditioner, electric heater, or electric clothes dryer whenever you need it – even if you just want to take some appliances off-grid during higher electric rate peak-use times to save money.
120V 3600W Pure Sine Wave Line 1

Nature's Generator Powerhouse Line 1 is a 120V 3600W Capacity Pure Sine Wave and it is independent from Line 2. You can power up even your sensitive electronic devices like your smart refrigerators, freezers, garage door openers, computers because our generators produce “clean” energy that can safely run these smart electronic devices without causing damage.
120V 3600W Pure Sine Wave Line 2

Have you maxed out the Powerhouse’s 3600W for your Line 1? Well guess what, you still have Line 2! With the Powerhouse, you can still bring power to more of your devices with additional 3600W for the Line 2.
Your All-in-One Expandable Home Power Eco-System Solution

Nature's Generator understands the importance of being able to expand your system. The Powerhouse can add solar panels, wind turbines, power pods, a transfer switch, a security camera system, etc. You can customize your eco-system and MAKE IT FIT WHAT YOU NEED!
Add additional Power Pods for More Power.

The Nature's Generator Powerhouse provides for all your power needs – just add extra Power Pods for more battery storage capacity.

Infinite Expandability

With a Nature's Generator Powerhouse Power Pod, you're not just upgrading your battery capacity, but also upgrading your Solar Input and Wind Input. We want you to take advantage of the renewable energy from the sun and wind. Why? Because the sun and the wind are renewable energy sources that are UNLIMITED, CLEAN, AND FREE to harness!

Expand with No Limit – Add Another Power Pod!

Each Nature's Generator Powerhouse Power Pod allows you to extend the battery capacity of your Powerhouse with an additional 4800Wh of battery capacity. And remember, you can add as many Power Pods as you like!
Harness More Free Energy!

Every Powerhouse Power Pod also upgrades your Solar Input for an additional 2000W and Wind Input for an additional 1000W. This allows you to harness more free energy from the sun and wind.
Upgrade Like a Pro!

Upgrading your Powerhouse is as fast and easy as plugging an electrical device in to a wall outlet. Just plug in the Expansion-out cable from your Power Pod to the Expansion-In port of your Powerhouse or existing Power Pod and just like that, you just upgraded your Powerhouse. -- NO COSTLY PROFESSIONAL HELP NEEDED!
Experience the Power of the Sun at its Finest!

The Nature's Generator Powerhouse Power Panel uses a MONO PERC solar cell. This is a new solar cell technology that improves efficiency to harness more free energy from the sun even in less than perfect sunny conditions.
Enjoy the Luxurious. All Black Power Panel Aesthetic PLUS these Panels are Rated at 410W!

The Nature's Generator Powerhouse Power Panel is a 410W all black frame and all black multi busbar solar cell adopts new technology to improve the efficiency of modules plus it offers a great aesthetic appearance -- making it perfect for rooftop installation.
State-of-the-Art Panels Offer High-Efficiency Low-light Performance

The new Nature's Generator Powerhouse Power Panel 410W a has higher module conversion efficiency (up to 20.38%) benefit from its half-cell structure. With the advanced glass and cell-surface textured design, this ensures excellent performance even in a low-light environment.
Durability Against Extreme Weather and Environmental Conditions

The Nature's Generator Powerhouse Power Panel 410W is certified to withstand wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal) and has a high salt mist and ammonia resistance. This solar panel is truly made for longevity.
Nature’s Generators also can be recharged with wind power so you  
can harness even more free energy even when the sun's NOT out!
The Nature's Generator Powerhouse Wind Turbine has been designed and made specifically for use with the Powerhouse. The Powerhouse Wind Turbine will allow you to harness the free renewable wind power energy (in addition to the free renewable solar power energy of the sun) to provide you yet another method of recharging your Nature's Generator Powerhouse.
The Perfect Combination – Harness both Solar Power and Wind Power Energy!

The Powerhouse Power Panel 410W and Powerhouse Wind Turbine are the perfect combination for your off-grid needs! Since solar panels only work to gather energy during daylight hours if you add a wind turbine you can harness free energy even at night!
Red Safety Tips for Better Spinning Blade Visibility

Red safety tips were added to all three blades of the Powerhouse Wind Turbine to make the blades more visible while spinning.
Durability Against Extreme Weather and Environmental Conditions

The high-quality cast aluminum alloy body provides protection from natural elements and its sturdy design provides versatile use on land, water, or wherever you decide to install the Nature's Generator Powerhouse Wind Turbine.
An Easy Way to Power Up Your Home When a Power Outage Hits.

The Nature's Generator Powerhouse Transfer Switch back-ups your home's critical loads from the Powerhouse during a power outage. If you select to install a Power Transfer Switch transferring your selected circuits from grid power to your solar-powered generator is a simple as flipping a switch!
Nature's Generator Powerhouse Power Transfer Switch

As the Power Transfer Kit links Nature's Generator Powerhouse to your home’s electrical panel to power the important circuits that you feel are critical, you can continue powering hardwired items like your water pump, air conditioner, lights, or a bulky item like your refrigerator without moving them around. This is also a great benefit for any items in tight corners where unplugging them is difficult.  The rocker switch on the Nature's Generator Power Transfer Kit illuminates green when switched to the G position. This helps you identify which power source you are using. This kit also has its own circuit breaker for additional protection for your home’s circuit line and your generator. The Nature's Generator Power Transfer Kit includes multiple inlet position options along with a 10-foot 12AWG power cord. This transfer switch can work with both 120 V and 240V AC.
The Security Solutions for Your Off Grid Dream
For the first time ever, Nature’s Generator is introducing an off-grid security system -- the Nature's Generator Security Camera -- built to work with your Powerhouse.
Non-stop Recording
Nature's Generator Security Camera can be powered up with the Powerhouse 48V Output port. Powerhouse 48V is always live so you can monitor your home 24/7 even if your Powerhouse is turned OFF.
Advance AI Human/Motion Detection
Nature's Generator Security Camera is equipped with advanced AI human and motion detection technology that can trigger alerts and notify you instantly of a disturbance.
Local Data Storage. Safe and No Hidden Fees!
You can expand to eight PoE Cameras with your Nature's Generator Powerhouse Security Camera System. The data is always stored in your local disk drive unless you synchronize it with the Cloud.


Final words

Nature's Generator takes particular care to design affordable, user-friendly solar and/or wind powered systems that store electrical energy in internal batteries and use state-of-the-art electronics that convert 12-Volt power to 120-Volt everyday household electricity. Nature's Generators do not require gas to run and can be used indoors as it does not emit any toxic fumes like standard gas generators. They also are whisper quiet when in use. Our two portable generator options -- Nature’s Generator 1800-Watt or the Elite 3600-Watt model -- come with a heavy-duty wheeled cart. Or if you opt for the 7200-Watt Powerhouse, it’s mounted on industrial style wheels. It’s these mobility-enhancing design features that ensure ease of movement and transportation for any Nature’s Generator.

When comparing Nature’s Generator’s products to the Patriot 1800 you can clearly see that our products give you substantially more power for your buck. We invite you to view all our great products on our website at – and decide which of our affordable products will best answer your home’s power needs. Experience Nature’s Generator and experience the true POWER of freedom.