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Solar Well Pump?

Solar well pump and its alternatives!

Water is one of the most important natural resources available to us. We are familiar with the fact that there is plenty of fresh water underneath the surface of the earth. Well, this happens after heavy rainfall and the melting of snow. Various cracks and crevices sweep the water underneath the land surface. What is the best way to extract this freshwater? The well pump!

What's Solar Well Pump?

A solar well pump is an eco-friendly device which consists of a solar panel, a Voltage Frequency Drive (VFD), a motor, a DCDB, and a panel stand. The solar well pump is also known as the P.V pump which uses electricity to function. Unlike regular pumps, solar well pumps run on electricity that is generated through photovoltaic panels. The key difference between a normal electric pump and a solar well pump is that the solar well pump operates on Direct Current (DC) while a normal electric pump works on Alternative current (AC).

The solar panels produce the DC current and it gets delivered to the controller which then goes directly to the pump. Current transformation depends highly on the irradiation of the sun. When the irradiation of the sun is high, more current is transferred to the pump which makes the pump work at a higher speed pumping a greater volume of liquid. Additionally, an inverter is required to convert the DC produced by PV panels to AC if an AC pump is being used. However, to meet the inrush characteristic of an AC motor, the panel and inverters must be scaled appropriately. 

There are a wide variety of solar well pumps available. Since few locations have different exposure to sunlight there are many solar well pumps designed according to your location.

However, a drawback of solar well pumps is that they can not be used after the sun sets. The main source of energy to make them function comes from the irradiation of the sun. This can be a major issue as the supply of water must be available all day long. In such cases, one must install a solar battery or a generator to power the well pump. There are plenty of them available in the market but the favorite by far the best is the Nature’s Generator. 

What's Solar Generator Powered Well Pump?

One alternative to power the well pump by using free and renewable energy is to power the well pump by solar generators. Please click this blog to under more about how solar generator works. By choosing so, you can have much wide range of choices of well pump to shop, which usually means lower cost to you. Some well pump is operated under 120V, but some are under 240V. The wattage/amperage also varies depends on the makers and models. If you are live off-grid and need water at night, this option provides you the most comfort.  

Why Nature's Generator for Your Well Pump? 

Nature’s Generator offers a wide range of solar and wind powered generators. The product line cover from the standard systems (120V1800W), the Elite systems (120V3600W) or the Powerhouse systems (120V/240V/7200W).  Nature's Generator is also known for their industry-leading value while providing quality with heavy-duty design. The wind powered solution that makes Nature's Generator even more outstanding and it is crucial during the rainy days or at night!

And moreover, as some well pump is hard wired to into load center, Nature's Generator also offers the transfer switch elite (120V) or powerhouse transfer switch (120V or 240V) that can integrate Nature's Generator to the home load center that powers well pump.

Nature's Generator provides you with a way to get easy and free electricity for daily use or in case of any emergencies. 


Solar well pump is a good choice if you look for pumping the water only during a sunny day. A solar generator with a traditional well pump will be a good investment if you expect to pump the water all day long. Nature's Generator provides the best solution if you want to pump water all day long in different weather or if you already have an existing well pump and want a generator to work with. 


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