Gas prices surge to above $4 a gallon and it is a record-breaking event for over a decade. The price of gasoline will continue to grow since the demand for crude oil on the global market continues to increase but the supplies are scarcer. 

We are all dependent on gas but not only on gas but all products of fossil fuel. Gas companies are always looking for new gas reserves to keep up with the growing demand and you should expect more increases this coming summer when many people travel to many places. So we need to be prepared for the worst.   

This is a major disadvantage to all of us because it not only affects travelers but also most of the things in our daily lives since gas is used to transport goods. And If you're using a traditional generator for your energy needs in case of emergencies, power outages, and for those who are off-grid, this can cost you more! 

Nowadays, when we say generator, we are referring to an electric generator that converts mechanical energy into electric power. Electric generators use fossil fuels like gas, propane, and diesel to generate household electricity, it serves as a backup power source in case of a power outage or blackouts.
The most common generator for household uses is gas generators since they are cheaper and lighter than diesel generators. In addition to that, some gas generators have a dual fuel system where it can be powered by gasoline or propane which is more available during emergencies.

The consumption of a gas generator varies based on the size of the generator, so basically there is no accurate measurement. But typically a gas generator can consume between 1 and 4 gallons of gas per hour. While this may not seem like much, it can be an inconvenient amount if you are trying to conserve fuel. And if you are using your generator frequently, basing the current gas price today will cost you more to power your home.

So what can we do? If you're looking for a way to save money on your energy costs on generating electricity, consider investing in a solar generator. Solar generators are becoming more popular, and they are a great way to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels like gas and diesel. They are also a good way to protect yourself from future price hikes in the oil market.

Pros and Cons of Solar Generator vs Traditional Generator

The main advantage of a solar generator over a traditional one is that the solar generator uses free energy. It can be recharged with renewable energy like the sun and wind power. Unlike gas generators, which burn fuel and release emissions into the air, solar generators rely solely on sunlight and wind to generate power. This makes them a more sustainable option for generating electricity. Additionally, solar generators are quiet and relatively easy to operate. Gas generators are also very noisy, making them very inconvenient for people living near them. In addition, gasoline is a volatile fuel and can easily ignite if there is a fire or explosion. For these reasons, it is important to consider the health and safety risks associated with using gasoline generators.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider as well. Solar Generators require a sunny location in order to work properly. Additionally, having a single 100-watt solar panel will require a lot of time to fully charge your solar generator. Unlike the traditional Generator that can generate electricity as long as being fueled. But we also need to consider the consumption of a gas generator. Today, it is really a big matter since the gas price is unimaginable and continues to increase. In addition to that, the maintenance required of a gas generator is higher than a solar generator.

Considering the limited power of solar generators, how can we rely on our power needs?. If we are talking about a portable solar generator, then it's true that we can't rely on it. But Nature's Generator is different from all solar generators. It is customizable, meaning you can increase its capabilities, expand the battery capacity and maximize the charging capability, eliminating all the disadvantages of a solar generator.

One thing that makes Nature's Generator different is that it can also recharge with the power of the wind. You can add 2 150-Watt Wind turbines to Nature's Generator, providing you the ability to harness the power of wind and recharge your solar generator even when the sun is out.

But Nature's Generator Wind Turbine only has 150-Watt power since there are many wind turbines in the market that can offer more watt power. Wind turbines have a minimum wind speed to generate electricity, the higher the wattage is the higher the minimum wind speed required for a wind turbine to generate electricity. Nature's Generator Wind Turbine can provide 150 Watt power to an average wind speed, and adding 2 of them to your Nature's Generator, you can get 300 Watt power with an average wind speed. 

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Nature's Generator Power Transfer Switch

Nature's Generator also has a power transfer switch. Imagine there is a power outage and you want to power up your Fridge, TV, Computer, and Lights. So you need an extension cord just to power a few devices and moving all the furniture and appliances to power up those devices is really inconvenient. By incorporating the power transfer switch into your home, you’ll be able to more easily harness the power of the solar generator to keep your critical items going in case of power loss. The power transfer switch links the solar generator to the existing power lines in your indoor breaker panel, you can continue providing power without having to move big items like your refrigerator or getting into tight corners to unplug devices from your wall.

Nature's Generator can help you save more, you can set it up depending on your power need. You can increase its capacity the way you want it, you can recharge it with the sun and wind. Nature's Generator can be used while charging and adding more solar panels and wind turbines, not only increasing the charging time but also increasing the capacity. Nature's Generator uses an SLA battery which is proven safe and effective. Unlike the other option, the sealed-lead acid battery is 99% or more recyclable. The technology has been around for centuries and is proven safe. Additionally, there is a significant cost saving on the new purchase or replacement in the future.

Nature's Generator expanded capacity

Traditional Generators are now becoming obsolete and using them costs you more because of the gas price and maintenance. And we should expect more the gas price increase in the next following days because our supplies become lesser and lesser. We need to switch to a more reliable energy source, an unlimited power we can use, renewable energy. It is free, limitless, and eco-friendly.

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