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Nature's Generator Inc. Expands Product Line to Include Home Outdoor Theater Systems

In March 2024 Nature’s Generator completed an asset purchase agreement with Outdoor Theater Systems to maintain, manage, and distribute their products and continue the business as a division of Nature’s Generator Inc.

Nature’s Generator Inc., headquartered in Camarillo, California is a US and international distributor that specializes in home renewable-energy generator systems to help everyday people transition to clean, reliable, and affordable energy. The Outdoor Theater Systems seemed to be a tailor-made fit for Natures Generator.

The Nature’s Generator boasts leading-edge solar photovoltaic, wind turbine, inverter, and battery storage technologies and engineers its products with consumer interaction in mind -- providing top-quality user-friendly designs to supply home energy system integration at an affordable price.

Nature’s Generator solar/wind powered systems can be customized to meet any client’s energy needs, whether to power a whole home or simply provide a grid-failure backup system.

Nature’s Generator is constantly expanding its product lines. It’s notable that the company is currently working on power-independent tiny home which can serve as an off-grid home and/or a power solution backup for a main home.

The Outdoor Theater Systems’ entertainment products dovetail nicely with Nature’s Generator existing product lines as they too can be customized for any customer’s individual needs as well as offering a great value for the price.

While Nature’s Generator did acquire the rights to use the Outdoor Theater System and Backyard Theater System names in the asset purchase agreement, it is necessary for consumers to understand that the theater system business is now operating as a division of Nature’s Generator Inc so payments and charges for the Outdoor Theater System products will be paid to Natures Generator Inc.

It is also important to note that Nature’s Generator will honor existing and future warranties for the Outdoor Theater System products. Customers can rest assured that Nature’s Generator will be there now and, in the future, to help customers with their outdoor theater system needs.

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