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Natures Generator Inc. Set To Release More Industry Firsts: Nature's Generator Powerhouse

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OXNARD, Calif., September. 19th, 2022 /Natures Generator Inc/ -- Natures Generator Inc. announces the release of the Nature's Generator Powerhouse series. The Nature's Generator Powerhouse is the first solar generator in the industry to feature a 240v/7200-watt pure sine wave inverter. Truly making it the first solar generator in history with the ability to power your entire home!

The Nature's Generator Powerhouse builds on over 7 years of the product knowledge gained from both the Nature's Generator series and Nature’s Generator Elite series, plus we’ve added on even more solar generator industry firsts. First, is the 7200-watt, continuous pure sine wave inverter that has twice the output capacity of the Nature’s Generator Elite. Second, the Nature's Generator Powerhouse features a 240v system that provides for the direct connection of larger household appliances.  These innovations allow you to have a complete back-up system to your entire home.

The Nature's Generator Powerhouse series delivers an entire system upgrade across the board.  The Powerhouse will feature an industry first, on-board 7200-watt pure sine wave inverter and that has a max peak input rating of 11,520-watts.  Additionally, upgrades include the 120V single phase or 240V split-phase electrical system with outputs of 15, 20 and 30-amps, allowing the Powerhouse to handle all appliances without issue.  The overall battery capacity has been significantly upgraded to a robust 4800Wh. The solar charge controller has been upgraded to 2000-watts and wind charger controllers has been upgraded to 1000-watts.  The Powerhouse also features a host of other inputs: four QC3.0 USBs, one USB Type-C, one DC, one 12-volt and one 48-volt input. Lastly, the Nature’s Generator Powerhouse Power Panels has received a significant boost in output power. The Powerhouse Power Panels are rated for 410-watts per panel.  As comes standard with any Nature’s Generator product, the ability to expand your system as your needs dictate doesn’t stop with the Powerhouse.  You can add additional Power Pods, Power Panels and Wind Turbines to capture, harness and reuse what Mother Nature has to offer!

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Powerhouse product packages include:

About Nature’s Generator:

Wanting to be part of the climate solution and to provide affordable electricity to all, the Nature’s Generator company was founded in California in 2015 and has been the industry leader for over 7 years in the engineering, development, design, and manufacturing of solar and wind powered generators, wind turbines, solar panels, power transfer kits and accompanying accessories.

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