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Releases Nature's Generator Gold Essential System

Announce the essential gold system that provides you with everything you need to start generating your own free electricity at the most affordable price yet!

Natures Generator, Inc. Releases Nature’s Generator Gold Essential System

OXNARD, Calif., October 14th, 2022 /Natures Generator Inc/ -- Natures Generator, Inc. announces the release of their Nature's Generator Gold Essential System. As the industry leader in solar and wind powered generators, the essential gold system provides you with everything you need to start generating your own free electricity at the most affordable price yet!

The Nature's Generator Gold Essential Systems builds off the most popular solar and wind generator that we have offered for the last 7 years.  It features an 1800-watt, pure sine wave inverter that is powerful enough to handle most refrigerators on the market today yet agile enough to recharge most other essential connected items with ease. Couple the inverter with a 720Wh battery and those two together can provide you with what you need to get through any power outage. The generator also includes a multitude of charging ports (USB, DC, wind, solar and more) for your phones, tablets, modems, routers, power tools, and the list goes on and on. Additionally, we have included one of our 100-watt Nature’s Generator Power Panels (solar panel) and a UL approved 50-foot, heavy duty cable for easy recharging from most distances. The best part about the gold essential system is that it is still part of the Nature’s Generator larger eco-system of products and can be expanded as needed.    

Nature’s Generator Gold Essential System:


The Nature’s Generator Gold Essential System is only available through our direct website  For other good deals and more product details on the Nature's Generator Gold Essential System or any other products, please visit our website


At Nature's Generator, our mission has always been simple: to create affordable clean renewable-energy products capable of providing unlimited clean energy to all who need it. Having seen the number of issues plaguing gas-powered generators like fatal carbon monoxide poisonings and the havoc burning fossil fuels wreaks on our environment, we set out to create a generator that could be operated by anyone, anywhere, to power anything.

Nature's Generator has been the low-price leader in the portable solar and wind powered generator market since our inception. Founded in 2015 we have multiple industry “firsts” and continue this trend with our latest release, the whole-home solar-powered Nature's Generator Powerhouse

We were the first solar generator company to offer a complete system for only $999.99. We haven’t budged from this price for over 7 years, until now!  Because we believe access to electricity should be a right -- not a privilege for a those who can afford it.

With every product we design, we keep our customer's wallet in mind. We strive to provide unparalleled product performance for the money. Our goal has always been to provide the most power for your dollar.

At Nature’s Generator we want to do the right thing for people here and around the world who don’t have access to affordable clean electricity, and we want to do the right thing for the environment. Scientists have shown we have around a decade to make corrections, or the climate change crisis reaches a tipping point.

The world needs to make the transition to clean renewable energy now.


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