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Are Solar Panels Worth It in California?

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California is home to almost 40 million residents and is continuously growing as time goes by. Along with this is the increase in power supply demand resulting in rolling blackouts. Add to the picture are the natural disasters such as wildfire and floods that cause major power outages. Because of these challenges, the Californian residents together with the local government have started using alternative energy sources such as the use of solar and wind powered systems to power up their homes.

Now the question is, are solar panels in California worth it?
Power Consumption in California
California is the most populated US state with almost 40 million residents as of 2022. This means that the Golden State makes up almost 12% of the entire country’s population. This also means that there is a ginormous demand for power supply in this area and as you guessed it right, unexpected power failure as well as rolling blackouts occur every so often.
For the past several years, power consumption in California continues to spike especially during summer time where heat waves are expected to happen every now and then. This is not just because of the number of residents in the area but more of the fact that the weather is becoming more extreme as climate change progresses.
Just last September 2022, the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) reported that on 6th of September, they reported a record breaking peak demand that reached 52,061 megawatts, the highest figure they got for the last 20 years.
As the local government works hard to find ways to avoid rolling blackouts and unexpected power outages, having a backup power source is one of the best solutions many Californian households are taking.
California, Rolling Blackouts and Power Outages
Over the past several years, California has seen a rise in the number of rolling blackouts and power outages all over the state.
Not enough power supply coupled with aging infrastructures are the major reasons why a lot of residents in this area are experiencing rolling blackouts that can last for hours.
Unexpected power outages on the other hand, were brought about by extreme weather conditions such as heat waves or due to natural disasters like wildfires and floods.
The biggest and main challenge about rolling blackouts and power outages are their duration. The longer the electricity is unavailable, the more inconvenience and even damage it brings to every Californian home.
The Importance of a Backup Power Source during Power Failures
A backup power source is the only way to go for a household to continue to function as normally as possible during a power interruption.

Comfort is the very first thing that will be taken away once power gets shut down. Just imagine how uncomfortable it will be especially for children when there’s no electricity during the height of summer or the peak of winter. During a long-term power outage, it is imperative to have a reliable backup power source. Nature’s Generator is one example of a dependable brand when looking for a reliable generator. They provide self -sustainable backup power systems with solar panels and wind turbines. With this system, one would never have to worry about running out of power no matter how long the outage may be.

Aside from comfort, safety can get compromised too the moment an unexpected power outage occurs. It’s easier to find ways to cool off on a hot sunny day but it can be very challenging to keep oneself warm the moment the temperature drops.
Stay Connected

We need electricity to power up almost all our home appliances and gadgets including our phones and computers to keep us connected to our loved ones and the rest of the outside world. A long power outage will challenge you on how you’ll keep these gadgets powered up and stay updated on what’s going on in your area.
Why You Should Go for a Solar Powered Generator
The good news is that there are plenty of options available in the market these days and the solar powered generator is becoming a popular choice by many at the moment.
It should not come as a surprise though if this type of  generator is becoming the preferred selection when it comes to finding a reliable backup power source.
Free and renewable power source, little to no maintenance required, long term savings are just some of the major benefits of using a solar powered generator.
And to top it off, there are solar power systems such as Nature’s Generator where they can continue to function off the grid so that there is uninterrupted supply of power to the household during power outages.
Are Solar Panels in California Worth It?
Investing in solar panels in California is definitely worth it for a number of reasons.
First, using solar panels is not only a smart choice but a “green” and responsible move. The Golden state has no problem when it comes to solar energy supply nor wind power so taking advantage of these clean, free and renewable power sources makes absolute sense. Besides, using solar energy and wind power to produce electricity is a great feature that no other types of backup power source can offer.
Another reason to take note of is that solar panels will save you a lot of money in the long run compared to other kinds of alternative power sources. The cost of the actual solar panel / solar powered generator will most likely be the only thing you will have to pay for unless you would like to expand and upgrade your backup power system in the future.
Finally, the California government rewards residents who go green in their household. As of this writing, the California Solar Incentives in 2022 allows up to 30% deduction (based on the total cost of the solar power system) in federal tax of a resident who installed a solar power system in his home. In addition, people who installed solar or wind powered devices in their homes as an alternative source of power are entitled to property tax exemption until 2025.
Off-Grid Solar Power Systems
There are two types of solar power systems out there in the market: on-grid and off-grid.
Basically, an on-grid solar panel is a system that is hooked up to a utility power system and an off-grid solar panel is a self-sustaining system that stores energy in its battery pack.
For rolling blackouts and frequent power outages, off-grid is the better choice between the two simply because it’s self-sustaining, the very thing that people need from their backup power source when the power outage is taking longer than expected.
If you are on the lookout for the right backup power source for your family, below is a selection of some of the best off-grid solar power systems that you may want to consider.
Nature’s Generator - Gold System is first in line. It is a portable solar powered generator that is great for short unexpected power outages. It may be small but it offers a maximum output power of 1800W and can recharge a laptop up to 12 times or power up a refrigerator for up to 12 hours. It has three 120V household AC outlets for your appliances and two USB ports for your small gadgets. It can be recharged in three different ways: an AC outlet or solar panel or a wind turbine. It even comes with a universal heavy duty cart for ease of transport.
If you need more punch in power capacity, Nature’s Generator Elite is a great option you may want to consider. Think of it as Nature’s Generator - Gold System but twice the power at 3600W maximum output. Oh, and if you want to be able to charge this system at night, just get a Nature’s Generator wind turbine and you’ll never have to worry about charging this portable generator when the sun is out of sight.
Finally, Nature’s Generator Powerhouse is the right one for you if you are looking for an off-grid solar power system that can power up multiple household items, even an air conditioner, at the same time in your home. Its maximum 120V/240V 7200W power output. Worry not if you feel that the default inclusions isn’t enough for your power needs because this selection is expandable in many ways. You can add additional solar panels, attached wind turbines, add power pods and so much more to increase its maximum potential.
If you need help in finding the right solar power system for your needs, we’re more than happy to guide you and provide a free quote. Kindly click here for assistance.
Final Thoughts
In this day and age, the use of solar panels in California is a smart move because not only is it an environment-friendly backup power source but more importantly, it is a reliable household companion in times of unexpected and long power outages.

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