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Battery Backup for Garage Door Opener

What's the best battery backup solution for the garage door openers?

Normally a power outages just provide minor discomfort and inconvenience. But these inconveniences can suddenly turn into something life-changing. For example, during a wildfire in California in 2017, lives were threatened because people were unable to open their garage doors openers. 

That is why the State of California has passed a law that makes it mandatory for all garage door openers in residential areas to be equipped with a backup battery. This is done in the hope that unnecessary life threaten are not going to happen again with this law being passed.

But one question arises: How can we retrofit the millions of garage door openers that were already installed in people's homes?

The short answer is generator! 

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Invest in a Sustainable Solution. 

A typical garage door backup battery could only last a full day's worth of work. But if the power outage is prolonged then it’s important to have a different source of electricity that can cover the essential functions to run a household smoothly.  

Sure, generators can be quite an good investment but if you want a worry-free time no matter what the situation is, and save more in the future while also being eco-friendly why not try having generators that can be powered through renewable resources? 
Meanwhile you can use them to power up various gadgets and appliances in your home, or in this case your garage door openers. Doing so, it’s giving you peace of mind that you can go in and out of your home even if there’s no electricity. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Generator.

Here are at least four things you should consider when trying to pick the best generator for you, your garage, or your household. 

  • Energy Supply

Depending on your location determines what’s the best source of energy to get the generator charged up. If it’s always sunny then go for the solar panels. You can also do a solar panel and wind turbine combo to make sure that you have power when the sun refuses to shine and there’s a strong wind.

Also, take into account the size of the generator’s power battery as it will give you an idea of just how much it can provide power for.

  • Power Needs 

Determine what you’re going to use the generator for. Is it going to supply just the essentials? Or do you want it to power the entire household? This will help you trim down your choices easily and quickly. 

  • Price / Budget

The prices of this kind of generator are high when you compare them to a traditional backup battery. Take a step back and assess the right choice for your home needs because the upfront investment is worth a lot.
But you can recuperate that overtime when your electric bill starts to go down. These generators are quite low maintenance so you don’t have to spend much to make sure that they’re in tip-top shape.

  • Temperature

Checking a model’s temperature sensitivity should be on your list to consider.
Some generators are sensitive to hot temperatures. If you are living somewhere hot, check to see how much heat a generator can take or if you have a spot where you can keep it cool. 

Why Choose Nature's Generator to Back up Garage Door Opener?
Nature's Generator is the leading brands when it comes to generators. Not only can they be powered through traditional means, but they can also be powered through solar and wind energy. Thus, equipping anyone’s house with a self-sustainable energy system.
All systems are featured with the following: 

  • Rigid scratch-proof solar panel 
  • Infinite Expandability 
  • Leading in Max Output Capacity
  • Home Integration
  • Pure Sine Wave (120 volts and 240 volts) 
  • Industry Leading Value 
  • Heavy Duty and Practical Design 
  • Industry-Only Wind Option

Besides these great features, Nature’s generators are noiseless compared to their gas generator counterpart. This meant that it doesn’t cause any noise pollution and can be placed inside without having to fear the inhalation of any bad gasses. 
You can also use Nature’s Generator power panels and wind turbines to juice up the generator and store electricity. You can choose one among the product line which includes the Powerhouse, Elite, and Nature’s Generator 1800W.
The Powerhouse has a combination of single phase 120V/7200W and split phase 240V/7200W pure sine wave inverter. It also works to single-handedly provide power to all household needs. 
Meanwhile, both Nature’s Generator Elite and Nature’s Generator 1800W are known for their portability and easy-to-use interface. But Elite has an improved design thus giving more output wattage and longer battery runtime.
Depending on how you want to use your generators and your generator’s capacity, you can either have a dedicated power source for your garage doors or a sustainable backup connected to your circuit breaker or power load center through Nature’s Generator Power Transfer Switch Kit
You can also see how much energy you’re using from the generator and how much you’re saving on your electric bill through its Natures Pulse App.  

Final Thoughts
Having a backup battery for your garage doors is like having a reliable friend that helps you no matter what the situation is, no questions asked. 
So, avoid the worry and fuss by making sure that your garage opener has a backup battery next to it that is available no matter what happens. After all, the safety of you and your family is worth every penny invested in a sustainable and renewable source of energy. 


  * We want to give credit where credit is due. Professional writer, Cris Ilao, contributed research and content to this blog titled: Battery Backup for Garage Door Opener Thank you, Cris, for your contributions!