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Lead Acid Battery Recycling

People have been using lead acid batteries for different applications for more than 150 years now. It is a well proven technology. It is important that proper disposal is practiced and the good news is that lead acid batteries can be recycled so we can utilize its recycled components again in the future.

What is a Lead Acid Battery

Lead acid battery is the first type of rechargeable battery ever created thanks to the genius of Gaston Planté all the way back in 1860. It uses lead and sulphuric acid to function. The chemical reaction obtained by submerging lead into the sulphuric acid is what causes the battery to produce electricity and when this reaction is reversed, that is what recharges the battery.

The lead acid battery is one of the most commonly used types of battery these days because of its mature technology, low cost, tolerance to abuse and overcharging, wide range of sizes and specifications and has a lot of producers worldwide compared to other kinds of battery.
Where Do We Usually Use Lead Acid Battery

  • Automobiles - Since the lead acid battery is very well established in its field, over 150 years of usage, it has easily become one of the mainstays in the automotive industry. Lead acid battery is basically the car battery we see in the hood and is responsible for starting your vehicle, powering up the lights and horn among other things.
  • Motorcycles - The primary job of the motorcycle’s battery, which happens to be a lead acid battery, is to start the bike and at the same time, supply extra current the bike needs when the alternator output is lower than the current draw.
  • Generators - Off grid solar power generators such as Nature’s Generator power systems make use of sealed lead acid batteries for their power pods. Below are the three default solar power systems people can choose from Nature’s Generator product line. and all of them are upgradeable and expandable.
 Nature’s Generator Gold System is a portable off grid solar power             generator with a maximum output power of 1800W. It can power appliances for several hours or more (if you add a power pod or two). Its battery capacity is at 12V 60Ah (720Wh) and it is made of AGM sealed lead acid. To add more battery life, people can buy additional power pods for their solar generator.
Another AGM sealed lead acid battery operated solar power system from Nature’s Generator is the Nature’s Generator Elite God System. This variant contains 3600W worth of power, twice the capacity of its Gold variant and with a battery capacity of 12V 100Ah (1200Wh). And just like the Gold variant, this off grid solar power system is expandable.
Finally, Nature's Generator Powerhouse is Nature’s Generator solar power system that has a big battery capacity. It boasts of 7200W maximum power capacity with a split phase feature (120V and 240V) and a whopping 48V 100Ah (4800Wh) battery capacity.
  • Home Alarm Systems - It is important for home alarm systems to work 100% every single time because in the first place, they were installed there to protect the property and the people inside it from any potential harm. Lead acid batteries are still used for home alarm systems these days as a backup power source during power cuts and also as an additional power supply if the electricity coming from the grid is quite unstable.

Recycling Lead Acid Battery

The lead acid battery is one of the most easily recycled batteries out there at the moment (with a recycling rate of 90% or more) because, well, it’s also been one of the oldest types of batteries that is still widely used up to this day. In the US, there are specialized lead acid battery recyclers that crush old batteries into nickel-sized pieces and then separate out the remaining different components. The collected lead from the old batteries are then sold to companies that make new batteries and the same thing happens to the other recyclable components from the dismantled unit.
Where to Send Your Lead Acid Battery for Recycling

  • At Your Local Auto Parts Store
In most states in the country, you may bring your old car battery at a local auto parts store like AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts and have them recycle the battery for you. These local shops usually give a gift card for every old battery you give to them for recycling. Just to be on the safe side, make sure to give your local auto parts store a quick ring and ask if they recycle old batteries and if they do accept the one that you got.
  • In Selected Retail Shops
Big-name retailers such as Home Depot, Staples and Lowes accept small sealed lead acid batteries (not weighing more than 11 pounds) for recycling. To find the nearest drop-off locations in your area, you may go to Call2Recycle, enter your zip code and click Search. Call2Search is a national battery recycling program so you are sure that their goal is to help everyone dispose of their old batteries and put them up for recycling.
  • Recycling Centers that Accept Lead Acid Batteries
Aside from local auto shops and retail stores, many cities have recycling centers that accept different kinds of recyclables including lead acid batteries. You can contact your local government office to ask for information on this or you may just search for recycling centers near your area on the internet. Fees may apply, usually based on the weight of the battery, so you may want to keep this in mind.
  • Paid Battery Recycling Service

If you want to get rid of your old lead acid battery but you cannot find any of the first three options mentioned above that are near your area, you may consider contacting a recycling company that can pick up your old battery and have them recycle it for you for a fee. What happens here is that you buy a recycling kit where you simply put your battery inside the container that came with the kit, properly seal the container, put the shipping label on it and schedule it for pick up.
Final Thoughts

Lead acid battery is one of the most common types of battery these days that is used for a wide variety of applications . Once a lead acid battery becomes old and calls for a replacement, proper disposal is key to make sure that it will not pose any danger to anyone.

Improper disposal of old lead acid batteries are considered illegal in the US because batteries contain certain hazardous chemicals that may harm not only the environment but the living things around them.

Recycling is the best way to get rid of an old lead acid battery in one’s household. It is worth noting that there are now numerous options available on where to send your old battery for recycling in the majority of the country.



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