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Solar Generator for RV

Why Having an RV Solar Generator is a Good Investment

RVs or recreation vehicles are a comfortable way to go on an extensive cross-country journey and camp outdoors. With the help of technology, the RV industry has been innovating designs and features at quite the fast phase that you don’t know where to look or just where to start.  

You can begin by checking how you want your RV to be powered and run. 

Of course, they are powered by gas but for different appliances and areas of an RV, electricity is needed, and relying on gas to power them can be quite expensive. Not to mention the fact that you can’t go off grid for a long period of time without worrying about the gas supply and continued usage of these appliances. 

Then, consider having a solar-powered RV. 

This means not having to look for a place where you can recharge and refuel. Because what you have is an RV system that provides a continuous renewable power boost. 

Do solar generators work on RVs? 

But, if you’re still unsure and asking if a solar generator can power your RV’s appliances, then the short answer is yes. The long answer is yes, but how long you’re able to use an appliance varies. This depends on the capacity of the solar generator you’ve got, your RV’s power management, and the appliances you’re using. 

Heaters and air conditioners for temperature control require more power compared to other gadgets so they’re going to require more energy. But, if you just want to make sure you can keep your phones charged, keep the lights on, and power your RV fridge, then, any type of solar-powered generator is enough to cover your needs. 

An added benefit of having one is that its users are not exposed to toxic fumes and not hearing loud noises. Thus, making a solar generator quite indoor-friendly. 

What to look for in your RV’s solar generator? 

It is highly recommended to have a checklist of requirements when looking for the perfect RV solar generator. This meant purchasing the best solar generator that best fits your needs, thus, lessening buyer’s regret when you realized that you chose the incorrect generator as you either need more power or need less power. 

Your list should have the following: 

  • Display – your generator should have a user-friendly display that makes it easy to monitor its status. This means a quick and less fuss when keeping an eye on your remaining power when in use or how much power is going into the system when charging.
  • Charging Speed – is a consideration that’s commonly forgotten when buying. It is important to know how fast a generator recharge via a wall wart and via solar panels. This way you can plan what your route is going to be for the next day.  
  • Ports – it is important to know what are the available ports on the generator you’re going to get. Does it have a USB-A port or a USB-C port? How many 120V AC plugs and 12V DC plugs are you going to need? 
  • Battery capacity  or how much power are you going to need? This depends on how much of your RV needs will be connected to it. Do you want it to cover your RV’s air conditioner, heater, or shower area? 
  • Weight/Size – consider how you’d like to use your solar generator. Do you need it to be portable so you can easily move it around? Or, having it stationary is, okayDo you have enough space to store it? 
  • Price – Having the most expensive generator is good but do you really need it? Be practical. Just get the one that suits your needs and your price point. You can always upgrade in the future. 

Solar Generators to Consider Investing On

Modern RV designs can have solar panels already installed but for those who don’t have one, Nature has a line of generators that can cover anyone’s power needs.

To guarantee that you have the right backup power station when traveling across the state or country, make sure to invest time in research. Determine which one is essential for you or not. This will help in narrowing down your choices. 

So, if you’re on a budget, the Nature's Generator Gold Essential 1800W is the most affordable for anyone who is planning to go off-grid but at a reasonable amount of expense. It is also a great option for those who are always on the move because of its compact and portable design. The kit has a generator that can provide 1800W of power with an output voltage of 120v.

If more power is required then there’s the newest member of the line, Nature's Generator Elite–Gold System. It is an upgraded version of the 1800W Generator. The kit has a generator that has an output power of 3600W and can be recharged using its two solar panels. 

Lastly, there’s the infinite expandability of Nature Generator’s Powerhouse. This eco-power solution is customizable depending on the need of its owners. It can accommodate power pods, transfer switches, solar panels, and wind turbines to name a few. It can work whether the equipment needed 120V or 240V. It has an output capacity of 7200 watts. Its output voltage can either be 240V split phase or 120V single phase.

All of Nature’s generators have a built-in charge controller and low battery protection to ensure long-lasting battery life.  

If you want to know more about Nature’s generator and what type suits your needs and budget just contact us and we’ll assist you further.

Is Having an RV Solar Generator Worth it? 

The answer to this question is different from one person to another. For those who are regular campers, always on the road, and like to go off-grid having a solar generator for their RVs is a good investment. 

But having one can also open up a lot of opportunities for those who are infrequent campers. It gives people a new world of unreachable locations because of the lack of electricity there. You don’t have to be conscious about adding to the environmental pollution in the area and disturbing the peace because of the loud noise caused by the traditional gas generator. 

So, yes, having an RV solar generator is definitely worth it. 



  * We want to give credit where credit is due. Professional writer, Cris Ilao, contributed research and content to this blog titled: Solar Generator for RV Thank you, Cris, for your contributions!