Nature's Generator Donates $100K+ In-kind Donation to Three North Dakota Tribes - Nature's Generator

Nature's Generator Donates $100K+ In-kind Donation to Three North Dakota Tribes

Nature's Generator, a leader in renewable solar and wind energy home integration products, announced that it has donated $100K+ in product and discounts to three indigenous tribes in North Dakota.

Nature's Generator donated $100K+ in product and discounts to three indigenous tribes in North Dakota, including 15 Elite 3600-Watt generator systems.

Nature's Generator's core objective is ensuring that people everywhere have access to clean, affordable and reliable electricity. In the continental US, some indigenous tribes do not have access to reliable grid electrical power, so Nature's Generator strives to offer these communities additional benefits and resources.

"One of Nature's Generator's original, fundamental, founding principles was to help people around the world easily join our fight against climate change," said Lawrence Zhou, CEO of Nature's Generator. "We donated $100K+ in-kind to these tribes because we saw like-minded environmental spirits and another chance to fulfill our mission of providing families with reliable affordable electricity. The more families that use our products, the more we're helping people to transition to clean renewable energy to combat climate change. To us, that's a win-win."

Because the Nature's Generator systems harness the clean renewable energy of the sun and wind, the company's ideals dovetail with many indigenous communities' cultural beliefs of living in harmony with nature. Many indigenous peoples have long understood the importance of living in balance with nature – now people worldwide are understanding the urgency to take care of mother-earth rather than exploiting and abusing her ecosystems.

The environmental good of harnessing the free, abundant solar energy cannot be overstated. Everyday enough solar energy shines on the earth in just one hour to meet the entire world's power needs for a year. It's beyond belief that the world still uses so much dirty fossil-fuel energy – this needs correcting. In fact, scientists have told us we have a short window of time to amend our polluting ways and stop spewing enormous amounts of greenhouse gasses into Earth's atmosphere.  Nature's Generator products were designed to affordably aid the transition to clean renewable energy.

Having access to reliable electricity can also offer life-changing benefits for families, leading to safer and healthier living conditions. Additionally, dependable electricity allows adults to increase their earning capacity and children to have increased access to educational opportunities.

"We designed our products to be easy to use and affordable for everyday people. Both good-value and ease-of-use are needed to help people do their part to fight climate change," said Zhou. "Breaking it down, on value, there's no product out there that can compete with our product on value-for-the-dollar (period). That's our bang-for-the-buck philosophy. On the use side, we incorporate a simple point, plug and power method.  That is, point the solar power panels toward the sun, plug them into the generator system and power your life's electrical needs."