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Nature's Generator Donates $27,500 In-Kind to the Share the Sun Project

The donations, including $22,500 in discounts and five Gold systems, will directly benefit the underserved communities of the U.S. Virgin Islands

OXNARD, Calif.April 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Nature's Generator, a leader in renewable solar and wind-powered home generators, announced today its in-kind donation of $27,500 to Share the Sun, a public-private coalition coordinated by the Rotary Club of St. Thomas East Eco with a mission to educate residents about renewable sustainable energy. The donations, including $22,500 in product discounts and five 1800-watt Systems, will directly benefit the underserved communities of the U.S. Virgin Islands.
"It is heartening to see diverse organizations converge in their mission goals of fighting climate change and helping people by using nature-based solutions," said Lawrence Zhou, CEO of Nature's Generator. "Nature's Generator is proud to partner with such an esteemed coalition to bring reliable renewable energy to more households around the world."
Rotary International, one of the largest service groups in the world, has an Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG) with the mission to empower Rotarians worldwide to address the climate crisis and reduce carbon emissions by promoting projects with nature-based solutions for reducing greenhouse gasses. Part of their network is the St. Thomas Rotary East Eco Club of the U.S. Virgin Islands, which co-manages the Share the Sun program along with Community Action Now (CAN).
Nature's Generator was founded on the principle that affordable solar equipment to harness the clean renewable energy of the sun should be available to people everywhere to fight climate change and provide families with reliable electricity. When Zhou learned a large order of 1800-Watt portable Gold Systems was headed to this Coalition, he wanted his company to do its part.
Zhou identified with the ESRAG and Share the Sun's goals of promoting renewable energy and ensuring environmental sustainability, basically protecting the world's ecosystems so they can continue to supply life-sustaining benefits. He was gratified when the first of the Nature's Generator portable solar-powered systems were distributed by CAN and Rotary East Eco at the Romeo Malone Community Center in Savan, in St. Thomas. Since then, the Share the Sun program has now been expanded to the island of St. John.

Many residents who picked up solar generator systems said they happily participated in the Share the Sun campaign. They met a low-to mid-income qualification to receive the solar-systems at a significantly reduced cost. Many explained they were motivated by expensive power rates and the need for backup because of the local utility's unreliable power. Many also noted the clean renewable energy element.

At the distribution, Gracia Lettsome of CAN, instructed customers on the solar system's use explaining "It's a simple plug and play. It's a 100-watt [solar] panel and an 1800-watt generator. They can set it up anywhere that has sun." Zhou confirmed, "Point the panels toward the sun, plug the panels into the generator and you're ready to play. It's that easy. We design all our Nature's Generator products with ease of operation in mind."

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